Shed Stairs

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Absolute ease of installation

Shed Stair Staircases have been purpose built by a master craftsman to be the best quality and easiest (and fastest) to be installed. Plus, the installation must be capable of being performed by a ‘do it yourself’ enthusiast with basic carpentry skills. 

Extra 20mm nosing

With an extra 20mm nosing as part of the tread because it gives a safer, more comfortable footing, and it also looks professional and more visually appealing. Most others use only 16mm thin “tacked on” nosing which can, and often does, break.

Extra tread thickness

The MDF tread thickness is almost twice as strong rendering it safer than our competitors. Shed STAIRS treads are 25mm thick whereas competitors use only 16mm thin. The thicker the tread, the stronger, more durable and longer lasting the stair: the thinner the tread, the greater the risk of problems occurring.

Our unique Z-attachment bracket

No other manufacturer has had the forethought to incorporate a very important extra piece of manufacturing excellence which gives a staircase offering greater strength, rigidity and “less bounce” in a steel shed environment. To the end owner it means greater safety and “longer lasting” means more money saved over the long run.

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Unlike competitors, all products have appropriate Engineering certifications ensuring absolute quality and peace of mind to both distributors and End-Users.



shed-stair have perfected the art of flat packing a staircase and we can dispatch anywhere in Australia…..FAST!



shed-stair products are manufactured to the Building Code of Australia and also the Australian Standards for stairways and ladders. This means that the staircases and balustrade will be compliant which means we can provide absolute assurance and peace of mind every time!



shed-stair has invested considerably in research and development ensuring that our products are superior in design, quality and ease of installation. This all adds up to EXTRAORDINARY VALUE FOR MONEY!