sheds-design-customYou don't need to be a builder to build smart!


"At Smart Steel Designs we can enable the client to be a prepared Owner-Builder, save some time and money, and help them to build smart"

Smart Steel Designs Director – Joel Christian. Registered Building Practitioner


Being an owner-builder for your steel structure may seem like a daunting task, but with Smart Steel Designs streamlined processes you can get all the help you need! 


Smart Steel Designs will: 

  • Assist to design your structure to meet your needs and purpose
  • Supply all the engineering for the structure and the concrete
  • Provide you with our step-by-step permit guide (or for an extra cost, Smart Steel Designs can undertake the permit process for you)
  • Arrange your building kit to be delivered to site
  • Supply you with a price guide of what you can expect for the building and concreting costs
  • Supply you with a list of contractors for shed erection and concreting
  • Supply a 27-page construction guide to help you to build-it-yourself or monitor your contractor

​All of this is included as part of your supplied quote price (permits can be supplied at an extra cost).


Smart Steel Designs can have you set up with your kit delivered, permit in your hand, a list of contactors to do the sweaty part and a price to bargain with! OR if you're the industrious type, use the construction guide and build it yourself!



How To Build Smart with Smart Steel Designs


Step 1. Think Tank

Step out the area you want the structure to go. How big is it?

What is the purpose for your structure? Is there certain access clearance (height or width) you need for a caravan or 4WD?

Would type of frame would you like? C-Purlin (value), RHS Box Frame (costs a little more), Universal  Beam (very big stuff), powdercoat (very pretty alfrescos)

Do you need insulation? Skylights? What colours?


If you have no idea where to start, talk to the helpful professionals at Smart Steel Designs.


Step 2. Contact the Professionals

Get the basics of your structure written down, contact Smart Steel Designs (you can "request a quote" from this website) and give us some details for your quote. We will help and advise you for the best option structurally and financially.

If you like a bit of old-school service, give us a call and speak to a human! 


Step 3. Permits

Ahhh… The fun side of construction! Our permit guides will give you step-by-step details about what you are required to do, as well as explanations for all the terminology and the difference between a Building Permit and Planning Permit! Our permit guides also explain who to contact and what time frames to expect. At this stage we require a deposit for your structure so that we can provide you with all our engineering that you will need for your permit.


Step 4. Practical Progress

Now that your permits are approved, the remainder of the invoice is due (less deposit) so that Smart Steel Designs can commence the order and manufacturing of your kit. At this stage we will also send the concrete drawings to you, and you can choose a concreter to pour your slab! 

Once that goes down and has some time to set, your kit will be delivered.


Step 5. Construction

It is finally time to erect your kit. The construction manual is very useful for DIY types and also to watch your contractor's method. Please remember for your contractor's sake that there is more than one way to build your structure.


And that is it! Smart Steel Designs will do the leg-work and you will be the boss. 

With the right help, it really is easy to build smart!



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